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drawing design steps

  1. Basis are all informations I could get

  2. Then I design some sketches.
    sketch.gif (8916 Byte)

  3. I create the CDes.
    geomea.gif (8916 Byte)

  4. In the next step I finish the shape of the body and choose the colors.
    shape.gif (13423 Byte)

  5. At last I add the details.
    details.gif (13423 Byte)
    ca11-0101.gif (22949 Byte)

  6. Finaly I design the cArt-outfit.
    ca11-0105.gif (24532 Byte)

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    cArt.gif (7063 Byte) production steps

  1. discover the best drawings and get an idea how they could be placed on a poster

  2. use the mgxlogo.gif (1345 Byte) 'Designer 7.0'   or combine these drawings

  3. use the mgxlogo.gif (1345 Byte) 'PicturePublisher 8.0'  to create the cArt picture

  4. print the cArt with an ink printer
    druckk.gif (15416 Byte) (please enter the animation!)

    epson.jpg (13469 Byte) 'stylus 1520' with a resolution of 720x720 dpi

  5. in a size from DIN A3 (29.70 cm x 42.00 cm) versus US B (11.00 in x 17.00 in)
    to DIN A3+ (33.00 cm x 48.00 cm) versus US B+ (13.00 in x 19.00 in)

  6. sign the poster with unter99.gif (1480 Byte) and the design year

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